Social Media Channels

For The Castle, I feel that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will be the most effective forms of social media that will reach out to my target audience.


Facebook is the channel that will likely be the more effective. Facebook appeals to several generations; grandmothers have an account and kids as young as 13 have an account. Therefore, both the demographic for the business and the target audience is included in this wide range of users. More specifically, according to zephoria internet marketing solutions, the ages betwwen 25 and 34 are the most common users. Those are precisely the ages that I hope to focus on.

While looking through their facebook page, I noticed that the Castle definitely has a peak season. During the months surrounding October, the page posts several times highlighting several events that took place. Several of the posts had little to no likes or any interaction. With more personable and specific posts that try to get the reader involved, the posts will be more widespread over Facebook.

Another Facebook addition would be to include more reviews of the museum. If customers are encouraged to voice their opinions about the museum, more users will see that and [hopefully] decide to visit the museum for themselves.


*Facebook is the largest and most common form of social media

*It involves a wider range of an age demographic

*Good reviews will directly boost the business


*It is possible that someone could write a bad review which could hurt business

*Since so many local business use Facebook to promote themselves, it is likely that the Castle’s postings will leak through the hundreds of ads that plague this channel.


With the overall look of the Castle, it is easy to say that it is picture perfect. The gothic and old architecture is unique and is something that people will want to document in their personal photo libraries.

The main reason Instagram will be so important for this business is that it is the most effective way to build a brand. According to Forrester, brand engagement rates are highest on Instagram. Other popular social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter did not even come close to the numbers that Instagram produced. The Castle lacks a specific brand. While there isn’t a product or service to sell, a museum could very well develop a brand.

Another helpful statistic, provided by sprout social, stated that 75 percent of comments are posted within the first 48 hours. This means that word on Instagram travels quickly. This is perfect for the number of events that take place and to showcase photos from daily museum tours.


*Instagram is mostly used by the age groups that includes the target audience

*Including hashtags will bring attention to the post regarding the Castle once those hastags are searched

*Instagram pictures can also be posted through Facebook and Twitter. For users with all three, repetition can sometimes be the most effective form of advertisement.


*It is only focused on images and it does not allow for anything written

*Not as many people use Instagram-it could limit the number of people the posts reach out to

*It would take dedication for someone to be in charge of the account while actively posting pictures that are interesting and that will cause a buzz among Instagram users.


This is a way that can promote the Castle in a way that is short, sweet and to the point. Tweets can end up popping up several different times if users re-tweet or favorite something. Not only will your account show the tweet, the person’s account who re-tweets will also show the post. Thus including the repetition tactic.


Audience Information


For the Castle, I would guess that the current demographic lies within the ages 45-54 range. Unfortunately, people in that age group are more likely to be interested in history or things that remind them of when they were younger. Normally in that age group, people are established in their careers, so they have more time to think about interesting and historical places in the community. According to the Forresters Researcher’s Consumer Technographics data, 71 percent of consumers in that age range are spectators, meaning that they are more likely to take part in things that are being offered for them. With all that the Castle offers, it is no question that this age group are the primary consumers for the museum.

Target Audience:

The age group that would be the best fit for the Castle is the 25-34 group. One aspect that I want to focus on is educating kids about this museum. Consumers within this age group are likely to have young kids and it is important to get them involved at a young age. I also want to involve this group of people because once the older generation dies off, I fear that the upcoming generation will not have the passion or the interest in history that is crucial for moving forward. This type of business is perfect for this age group because 79 percent of adults in this age group are also spectators.

Strategies and Tactics for Social Media Objectives


  1. Increase exposure of the colony to local business by 50% in three months.
  2. Provide more details and postings on the Facebook page to reach 500 likes within the next three months.
  3. Create a Twitter account and link it with Instagram posts. Gain 200 followers within the next three months.

Strategy for Objective 1:

a. Visit nearby businesses to develop a relationship that will help improve social media coverage.

Tactics for Objective 1a:

*Put together a packet of information about the Castle which includes a well-designed business card and a short cover letter explaining the importance of this building and how a relationship with other similar and/or nearby businesses can be beneficial to both parties.

*Visit the following businesses and present the packet of info: The Historic Lafayette Hotel, Hidden Marietta Ghost Tours and Henderson Hall.

*Ask for partnerships from said businesses to include discounts for Castle tours included with the services they offer.

Strategy for Objective 2:

a. Attend The Castle’s events and share experiences/pictures on Facebook page.

Tactics for Objective 2a:

*Create a detailed and descriptive blog about the various events. Provide a link to that blog on the Facebook page that will direct viewers to the article. Include several pictures highlighting the beauty of the building and the fun that can be had at these events.

*Take part in a photo challenge with photos only pertaining to the Castle and post each day while inviting others to “Like” the page.

*Invite businesses in previous strategy to participate by sharing the Castle’s Facebook page to add their Facebook fans as well.

Strategy for Objective 3:

a. Increase social media presence by creating a twitter and Instagram account.

Tactics for Objective 3a:

*Create a hashtag along the lines of #HistoricCastleMuseum and promote that hashtag on fliers that are spread throughout the area. Promote social media users to share their pictures from their experiences using that hashtag.

*Post frequently, several times a day and tag other business users.

Branding commerical

The first commercial that came to mind is the appealing story of how Johnnie Walker whisky came about. The commercial is set up simply with Robert Carlyle as the narrator and “The Man Who Walked Around the World.” As he’s walking, he talks about the foundation of the label. I believe this is branding in its purest form. He literally talks about how the brand became to be and how it differs from competing brands. While he’s walking, the setting changes and props are used to help illustrate the story. This was a fantastic way to show visual representation of what was being said. And let’s not forget the fact that Robert Carlyle (better known as Rumplestiltskin) has an amazing accent.

Buzz Building: The Castle

That time of year is finally here. The time that many people look forward to all year. Fall is the time for cool weather, scarves, boots and spooks. From watching horror movies to haunted houses, people tend to flock towards anything that might give them a genuine scare. With that being said, The Castle could potentially house those creepy experiences.

Throughout the year, the city of Marietta offers city-wide ghost tours. Hidden Marietta takes patrons around downtown to talk about the various hauntings and history of the area. The Castle, with its graceful age, has a colorful history that also includes supposed hauntings. While the Castle offers a ghost tour, it could be improved upon.

Engaging with the Hidden Marietta Tour will peak the interest of tourists from outside the area. If tour goers hear about the Castle on the walk, they may become interested in visiting the building at another time.

This time of year is the perfect time to highlight this gothic gem. Local horror fanatics will drink in the local and creepy history of the Castle. Creating a hashtag for instagram and/or twitter will encourage people to take pictures and engage others on their experiences.

Another form of creating buzz would be to create a list similar to those on buzz feed. “Why the Castle Is the Perfect Halloween Destination.” Equipped with pictures and features of the building, this article will highlight all the amenities of the museum.

The Castle: Social Media Plan

A beautiful and historic landmark resides in Marietta, OH. With its construction beginning in the mid- 1800’s, The Castle plays a crucial part in preserving the rich history behind the town of Marietta. Despite its age, the building has maintained its original design. Their mission currently is to “preserve The Castle and grounds to maintain their architectural and historical integrity, and to operate The Castle as to contribute to the educational, artistic, and cultural well-being of the community.” It now serves as a museum which houses several local events around the year.

However, without searching for them yourself, it is hard to find details of such events. It is clear due to their bland Facebook, lack of a Twitter account and an undeveloped Instagram, that their social media plan does not exist. With a more developed plan, the Mid-Ohio Valley will benefit by reaching out to potential tourists who may come to the area, thus helping the local economy. This is a unique and educational attraction that should be utilized to its full potential.


The first clue on the Facebook that is isn’t well maintained is the fact that only 91 people (including myself)  have liked the page. While the page has good reviews, 112 of them, precisely, it lacks proof that the museum is as good as people say. The page does not have any posts,  but it does include a large number of pictures. The photos are mostly of historical figures. In order to promote their events, the page should include pictures from those events to showcase the unique experiences they possess.


Under the “About” section of the page, the description is a mere single sentence. With its rich history, this should be more developed and detailed. Facebook users should be able to see from first glance what the museum is and what it has to offer.

When I searched for a Twitter account for The Castle, the only result was a few tweets from local news outlets.If the press is trying to promote and support the museum, the museum itself should provide their input for their business.

The Castle’s website looks like is hasn’t had an update in several years. It has a simple and outdated design. It is simply unappealing to the eye. I also noticed that The Castle doesn’t have an established logo in the small amount of social media presence they have. It does, however, include a mission statement at the top. It is an elegant and catchy phrase which matches the elegance of the museum. It is obvious that some sort of creative thought was put into this site. With the mission statement saying that the museum is “lacing through time,” the background matches that theme with the presence of lace. That same thought could be executed in a modern and more appealing way.


The site includes all of the necessary information: history, events, hours, etc. However, it lacks an array of pictures to break up all the information with some visual stimulation. The homepage has only two pictures of the museum and one of them is terrible warped. Under each tab at the top of the page, the separate pages are set up in the same way with two pictures awkwardly hanging out on the edge.


Lastly, I searched for an Instagram account for The Castle. I had low expectations based on their other social media outlets. I did see a few pictures of The Castle, but they were posted by Clutch MOV. I did, however, find an instagram. The first (and most severe) problem is that the account is set to private. The next issue is that it has only six posts and two followers. This account was likely made by someone who didn’t know what they were doing.



  1. Increase exposure of the colony to local business by 50% in three months.
  2. Provide more details and postings on the Facebook page to reach 500 likes within the next three months.
  3. Create a Twitter account and link it with Instagram posts. Gain 200 followers within the next three months.

Instagram Fun!

I am including a few extra pictures that I took during my journey of my favorite place in Parkersburg. image

image I always call this “my house” because it is my absolute dream house. I so wish I could live in it. imageThis is one that I took in the Riverview Cemetery. I love the creepy feel. The dead flowers combined with the deathly setting make the entire concept more ominous.

Annoying My Older Sister

My sister and I are very close. That is why I decided to choose her as my victim. I knew she would handle the situation better than anybody else.


For my social media breach, I decided to text her every event or detail of my day, beginning from the time that I woke up, to the end of the day. From details about my shower to my makeup choices, she got it all. At first, like the nice person she is, she took the time to respond to each one of my annoying messages.

Shortly thereafter, she began to ignore my messages for a long period of time. While she responded to the group texts between my mom and stepdad, she continued to ignore all of my messages. How dare she. She did, however, respond eventually, but vaguely.


This was a bit of a bad time to do this. She is on vacation at Myrtle Beach, so I may have had different results if she were at home.

In the afternoon, she called me to talk about something awesome she found in a store down there. What cracked me up was that she said “sorry I haven’t been responding to your texts much today.” I think she’s too nice for this particular experiment.


Towards the end of this endeavor, she still didn’t seem to think anything was out of the ordinary. She never asked me what my deal was or anything. Like I said, she was too nice for this.

The Excitement of Live Tweeting

Perhaps the main difference between Facebook and Twitter (as we discussed in class) is that it is more socially acceptable for social media users to tweet about their every event or thought process rather than to update their Facebook Status about it.This particular task was fairly unfamiliar to me, as I am not a devoted Tweeter. This is probably why some of my tweets came out a little bit awkward.

I chose to conduct my live tweet while working at the TV Station (WTAP for those of you who may not know). My unofficial title is “news archivist” meaning that I take old news casts that are on VHS tapes and covert them to the computer. Exciting right? Not really. However, it can be kind of cool at times. I thought this would be an interesting look in the past to expose some of the news topics presented before some of us were even born.

image Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of this is getting to see the type of clothes that were “in style” at the time. It’s amazing to see how much things have changed, and in some ways, how much they’ve stayed the same.


This picture of the equipment I use is just to provide an understand as to just how old this stuff is (it’s actually not as old as it looks). With old technology, it can decide to not work for no apparent reason. Thus fueling my frustrations from time to time.

The downside to my job is that sometimes, the news isn’t pretty. Today in particular, I watched footage covering several accident- related deaths, one including an entire family. Sometimes people say that bad things seems to be happening more frequently as of late, but this shows that bad things have always occurred, no matter the time or place.


Another downside is that sometimes, things can be a bit repetitive. I always see a ton of footage about the homecoming and/or county fair. IT’S NOT THAT EXCITING.

As you can see from my somewhat boring topic and tweeting, I am not one to normally participate in such activities. It’s a bit of an annoyance to constantly mention what is going on and how you feel about it. What happened to the days where you wrote those thoughts and feelings into one solid diary entry every day? It’s amazing to watch and see how people’s minds jump from one topic to another. With that being said, this was an interesting and different experience.

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