image imageIn the Twittersphere, millions of tweets around the globe are readily available during all hours of the day for your entertainment. Perhaps the most appealing tweeters are celebrities and politicians. Brent Smith, the lead singer of the popular rock group “Shinedown” and Gov. Mike Huckabbee are two very different people who lead very different lives. However, their actions on Twitter may not be so different after all.

Despite the band’s busy schedule, front man Brent Smith manages to keep his followers up to speed on a daily basis. Currently, the band is touring and promoting the release of their new album.

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A majority of Brent’s tweets mention various happenings both with the tour and the new album. He makes it clear the fans are important to him and that is obvious through his effort to keep his fans updated with what is going on with the band.  While maintaining a facebook account, he uses Twitter more frequently. He shares his experiences and talks about relationships will fellow musicians. Every now and then, Brent will re-tweet and respond to various fan pictures, most of them including their latest Shinedown tattoos.


Governor Mike Huckabee uses his Twitter account for similar reasons. He is setting out to inform the nation on himself, his policies and his stance on various issues. He has recently been tweeting about his trip to Israel in which he discussed his opinions about the Iran Deal. I believe it was his motive to inform future voters of his endeavors towards becoming President. He also give updates on various appearances and interviews as well as his standings in the political race. Huckabee mentions where his campaign is going and the different places he will visit.

While there are some similarities between the two, Brent Smith and Huckabee have differences in their Twitter use. While Brent is more personable and conversational with his tweets, Huckabee uses his twitter as more of an information station, most of which is written in a formal manner.